Catering Service & Spares

Cafe Ambio at The Agri-Quarter, Kendal, Cumbria

Cafe Ambio is located in Kendal's new Livestock Auction Market, the "Agri-Quarter". Harmony Business was chosen to design and install their kitchen and provide a number of Front of House equipment. Time &Tide, the main contractor for the construction, worked alongside our Sales Manager David Mather and the rest of our design team to design and install the kitchen in Cafe Ambio. 

With plenty of space to play with, and no major difficulties to overcome the kitchen was designed so that it flowed well; there are separate areas for staff to work in comfortably without obstructing others. We installed a wide range of equipment form Electrolux, Rochelle, Lincat and Parry. 

The finished kitchen has helped Southcott Catering expand their services and allow them to serve a range of local produce quickly to their many customers.