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Equestrian Use

Domestic laundry equipment have many disadvantages when operating within an equestrian environment. The disadvantages of domestic machines include:

  • Very low drum volume, reducing load size
  • Mechanical and therefore cleaning action on large and bulky items is reduced
  • Residue and hair builds-up on pumps and heater elements, clogging them causing damage
  • Inefficient effects on domestic textiles once residual hair is deposited

Advantages of commercial laundry equipment include:

  • Large drum capacity - able to take 1-3 large winter horse rugs per load
  • Programmes for blankets, numnahs and veterinary bedding
  • Combats residue and hair build-up meaning effective cleaning cycle after cycle.

 Harmony can help you choose the best laundry equipment for your horse blankets, sweat rugs and saddle covers. Correct hygiene practices are essential for the health of horses, and the cleaning of all textiles that come into contact with the animals plays an important role in this. If not cleaned properly dirt left on horse blankets, sweat rugs, saddle covers reduces its efficiency. Tangible effects of this can be unpleasant fungal skin conditions. Washing blankets in a domestic machine will not achieve the desired cleaning results. Using the correct laundry equipment will ensure a healthy and well presented horse.

Harmony can help you develop on an on site laundry for your equestrian centre. Laundry can be clean and ready for use again in less than an hour. With high spin speeds and therefore lower residual moisture levels, following drying times are much reduced.

To protect your animals and provide the best care for your expensive textiles, cleaning blankets, numnahs and horse rugs on a regular basis is essential. It is important to consider this when choosing your machine. Regular cleaning can keep your equipment in good condition as well as providing important hygiene care. Domestic appliances are often not up to a task of this kind of cleaning, and often cannot perform effectively. Commercial washing machines are designed with these specific uses in mind.

Please contact us for any further information on available machines.