Catering Service & Spares

High Spin

High spin washing machines are ideal for use for use in hotels, care homes, commercial laundries, housing associations and all hospitality and leisure sectors. It is necessary to spin the tub at a high speed to extract the maximum amount of water from the clothes in the shortest possible time; this saves both time and energy. 

These high spin washing machines are superior for items which retain water such as duvets, towels, robes, horse blankets etc. It reduces drying requirements after the wash, this means less deterioration for textiles and savings on running costs in the form of electric or gas. It also means avoiding the build up of laundry which is waiting to be dried helping with washing logistics.

High spin washing machines can be free standing and can be situated on any floor with suitable flooring.


Normal Spin

The normal spin washing machines are beneficial for items that do not need a high water extraction, and offer reliability. The normal spin machines require rigid fixing to solid concrete foundation.


Washer Dryers

This machines is new from Electrolux and is the only another professional washer dryer available.  This high spin washer can be used either as solely a washer at full capacity of either 14kg or 27kg or as a washer dryer at half capacity.  This means in an approximately 1 hour 20 minutes a load can be washed and dried. For customers where space is an issue this is the ideal solution. This heavy duty washer dryer features a vented dryer and is available with electric or gas heat dryer.  This is an excellent addition to new laundry solutions.


Stackable Washers

Another option for businesses where space is an issue are stackable machines. To utilise space both the washing machine and the dryer can fit into the one space. One of our team can help you to choose and design these options; from washing machines that can have a stackable dryer to purpose built laundry centers.