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Healthcare and Care Homes

Harmony can provide heavy duty commercial washing machines which can be used in hospitals and care homes, from patient laundry facilities to ward use and sanitisation.
For this purpose  thermal disinfection and sanitisation are essential. Harmony can ensure that the most appropriate laudry equipment is matched to your requirements, and also that thermal disinfection guidelines of the NHS are met.
We are experienced in providing advice for the healthcare industry and can advise in relation to the NHS Executive Health Service Guidelines. Ensuring that models recommended are fitted with dump valve drain systems are also equipped with thermal disinfection wash programmes and sluice options. This helps to ensure consistently high standards and reduced risk of cross-infection when cleaning contaminated laundry.
For in house laundries in care homes and hospitals we can supply you with the latest laundry equipment including barrier systems from all the leading manufacturers. These will conform to current Health and Safety legislation and are also energy efficient, saving you valuable running costs on power, water and detergents.
We listen to your needs and can supply the most suitable laundry equipment for your requirements.  
Harmony can also help with the upcoming CQC inspection.
Please contact us direct for more information.