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Adande in the press

23rd Aug 2012

Adande in the press

Here at Harmony Business we are always seeking out the most innovative, top quality products for you, our customers. We differ from other catering equipment suppliers, in that we will always offer trustworthy, impartial guidance on the equipment that will most suit your needs.

A few weeks ago Adande, a brand in which we are very proud to supply, was featured in Catering Insight Magazine. Adande offers a product unlike others, which is used by a wide range of established premises, from fast food restaurants such as KFC and McDonalds, to top quality, reputable restaurants and chefs such as Jamie Oliver, The Dorchester and Galvin La Chapelle.

Adande refrigerated drawers offer the best temperature control on the market. Every kitchen needs variable temperature control and a blast chiller and Adande’s are the best around. They don’t have multiple awards for no reason. Winner of ‘Manufacturer of the Year 2010’ and ‘ FCSI/ CESA Sustainability Award 2008’, Adande can enhance your kitchens productivity beyond belief. Adande offer an extensive range of refrigerated drawer, ensuring there is one for to suit everyone’s needs.

Adande is about people who have passion for their products, as Adande drawers can hold anything at the temperature you want it to, maximizing the products taste. Adande drawer can be place any and everywhere in your kitchen, even underneath chargrill and griddle sections. Placing Adande drawers at the heart of your kitchen saves you and your staff from racing around the kitchen, wasting energy and time getting the products you need.

Overall Adande refrigeration drawers save food, labour, space, energy and money. As you can see Adande are reputable for a reason, and we are very proud to be supplier of such a high end, innovation, essential piece of catering equipment.

If you are interested in maximizing the productivity of your kitchen, then please call us today on 015395 66680 and we will find the Adande refrigerated drawers that most suit your needs. Or find more information and browse the entire range on our webshop-