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Gas safety levels- new requirements

23rd Aug 2012

Gas safety levels- new requirements

With the recent news stories about accidental deaths relating to gas levels in buildings, awareness and taking precautions to avoid such incidents is becoming vital for all businesses.

Recently there have been changes to the laws concerning gas safety levels in new and refurbished kitchens,  All new and refurbished kitchens in the UK are required to meet BS6173 by installing a gas interlock system which ensures that gas is not available in a kitchen if the ventilation is not working.

Make sure you are not in breach of these new requirement by installing all the necessary equipment. Although it is an additional cost to your new kitchen, the consequences;  prosecution or endangering people lives are not worth the risk.

We are pleased to be working with S&S Northern by supplying their new CO2 detector. Their new carbon dioxide detectors are designed to protect commercial kitchens, schools and food technology classrooms and bring them up to the newly introduced standards.

To speak in technical terms, the gas interlock system should function as specified in BS6173:2009 and a backup system in the form of CO2 detectors should be used in the event of fan failure. The gas interlock system monitors the operation of the fans and shuts down if the fans fail; the CO2 detector can then be used to monitor the quality of the air in the kitchen. S&S Northern's CO2 detector greatly aids the meeting of these requirement with their extremely easy to read 'traffic light' display, which shows the level of the CO2 in the room and  indicates if any action needs to be taken.

We hope this information will help you if you are installing a new commercial kitchen, and hope that we can help you meet these new requirements.

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