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GreasePaK, earns BBA certification

13th May 2011

GreasePaK, earns BBA certification

Harmony has been supplying Greasepak for a while, but it has recently received BBA certification.

Mechline's GreasePaK is the first bioremediation drain maintenance system to earn BBA certification.  Consumers can buy with confidence that it is an effective means of drain maintenance and meets with UK building regulations and legislation.

To earn BBA certification requires the BBA to carry out extensive research of a manufacturer's product to ensure it performs and functions as per the manufacturer's claims and meets requirements per building regulations. Over the years, Agrément Certificates have been providing invaluable information on the performance of new construction products and materials.

GreasePaK:  A complete drain dosing system specifically designed to address the drainage problems found in commercial kitchens-using the most powerful bio-enzymatic solution of its kind to deal with Fats, Oil & Grease (FOGs).

Harmony also supplies the GreasePaK fluid at a very competitive price. For information on installation or a GreasePaK system or buying the fluid please Contact Us


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