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Harmony in the Environment

29th May 2008

Energy efficiency, is a key consideration when you buying commercial catering equipment. All businesses now have a responsibility to try to reduce our impact on the environment, but energy efficiency also makes financial sense for your business too. Without taking this into consideration running costs will escalate, so savings you make by investing in energy-efficient equipment now will grow every year.
Here at Harmony we can help you find equipment that will cut energy requirements, without compromising performance. This is not just in catering equipment but for our commercial laundry equipment as well. Harmony will help determine what to look for, whether you're buying a coffee machine, a fridge, a glass washer, combi oven or a washing machine.
Every customer’s requirement is different and Harmony’s solutions recognise this. For example it is beneficial for laundries to have machines with a good flexibility of programmability enabling wash and dry cycles to be tailored to specific needs. Utilisation of resources, in particular water and energy, is now essential for both environmental and business reasons. Savings of up to 20% can be achieved in laundries where basic efficiency measures have yet to be undertaken. Manufacturers are continually developing models that use less water and reduce the consumption of detergents and chemicals
Harmony offers training to ensure staff know which programs to use rather than opting for a default setting. This can cater for dips in workload with settings that reduce water and energy consumption in line with the volume of laundry, rather than with default, full-capacity settings.
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