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Harmony is now supplying the new Electrolux Air-O-Convect

26th Jun 2008

As a leading supplier for Electrolux catering equipment in the North of England Harmony is now supply the new Electrolux Air-O-Convect. Electrolux Air-O-Convect is the only oven that guarantees the maintenance of humidity without a steam generator. Features available to cook with are poach, stew, braise roast and bake. This means you can offer perfectly cooked dishes while supplying safe food to HACCP regulations.


The new Air-O-Convect gas burners are designed to help with energy consumption. Savings of up to 20% can be made; this is ensured through the gas burners and the ribbed heat exchanger which enhances the heat transfer to the cooking chamber of the ovens.


These machines also offer automatic cleaning and come is a range of sizes to suit your needs.


If need be Harmony can offer customers the chance to see these machines on site to make sure that you have the correct information to make your decision regarding your catering equipment needs.


As well as this, harmony is still offering a first class service in laundry equipment and EPOS systems.

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