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Harmony Now Supplying Adande

14th Apr 2011

Harmony Now Supplying Adande

Harmony is now supplying Adande refrigerated drawers. These innovative insulated drawers can act as a fridge, freezer or blast chiller and energy effcient. The technology works because the drawers are insulated and when opened the cold air sinks, which means it cannot esacpe!!

For more information on how the Adande units can work for you see the case study below:

Galvin La Chapelle, in London.

Just one year after opening, Galvin La Chapelle has won a host of awards including AA Restaurant of the Year and Restaurant of the Year in the Tatler Awards.

Café a Vin is a busy all day cafe with outdoor terrace style seating, and an interconnecting aperitivi bar, and cigar terrace. The Café offers casual and relaxed dining with a wine list that promotes natural and biodynamic wines. Head Chef, David Stafford combines Italian and French influences to produce simple, seasonally led dishes as well the Cafés popular Tarte Flambée straight from the wood-fired oven.


Jeff Galvin runs the kitchen at La Chapelle. One innovation is that split shifts have been eradicated. Instead, two staff work overnight on prep and the main shift starts at 11.30 am and then works through to close of service. Dominated by its central island cooking suite, the design has made the very most of limited space, with work surfaces flowing wall to wall, interspersed with inset sink bowls, hand wash basins and scrapping rings. Refrigeration includes 2 x two-drawer Adande units, situated
either side of stacked combi ovens.

Jeff admits to knowing nothing about Adande before its use was suggested by CCE. “I looked at the Dorchester Hotel kitchen
because there were a couple of new Adandes there,” says Jeff. “If you have never used equipment before, you need to go to chefs you know and trust to get their opinion.” With positive feedback, Jeff Galvin now happily shows off his own kitchen to a steady procession of chefs including John Campbell.

Visitors are treated to a tour of both the café and restaurant kitchens, each with their own individual design elements. “Six of those visiting chefs have had new openings in the last 6 months; and they have included Adande in their new kitchens. “My general feeling is that Adande is more reliable than conventional refrigeration; it certainly has a lot of unique features. “They are completely different, a bit like combi ovens were when they were first introduced. “Now, one of the first things to go on my equipment list would be Adande; I wouldn’t build another kitchen without one. “Recovery is amazing. When you have a fridge or freezer with doors, you can see the temperature drop when the door opens; the Adande just does not do that – it has a lot of ‘grunt’. “Drawers suit a small kitchen because you don’t have to get on your knees to see what is inside.” Jeff Galvin explained that each chef in the restaurant kitchen has their own workstation, with everything they need close to hand. This cuts unnecessary traffic, is labour-efficient and avoids the problem of staff walking into open drawers.

The pastry section Adande is kept at minus 11 degC and holds all ice cream and sorbets. “Absolutely perfect; no frosting either.”
The Adande in the larder section is kept in fridge mode. Blanched beans, for example, are held there prior to service. The Adande in the café is a fridge in winter, but a freezer in summer to cater for higher demand for ice creams. “The energy saving that you can achieve with Adande is a definite plus – energy is only going to get more expensive. “Controls are very simple and the cleaning aspect is also very simple. They slot in and come out very easily.”


Jeff Galvin has also identified another unique feature for Adande: “There is definitely less fatigue working with Adande. It provides easier access than conventional refrigeration and better ergonomics; you just pull open the drawer and see exactly what is there. “At 11.30 pm I do my checks and I can see exactly what’s in the drawer. Hey, I don’t have to get down on my knees to see what the stock situation is.” A key criterion when setting the up the new kitchen was reliability. “We can’t afford the opportunities that would be lost by downtime,” says Jeff Galvin. “If you look at the longer term, the Adande should last longer and perform better than conventional refrigeration and provide better value for money.”

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