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Important Advice on Gas Repairs

2nd Dec 2009

If you need to get your commercial catering equipment repaired it is important you make sure the engineer you hire has the correct qualifications. Harmony Business and Technology is one of only two companies in Cumbria to hold the comcat 5 qualification; this enable engineers to work on commercial catering gas appliances with forced draught burners. This is relevant to nearly all modern combi ovens whose gas is powered in this way. Look in any commercial kitchen these days and you will find one of these pieces of equipment.
In the event something goes wrong with your combi oven call Harmony to ensure that the engineers repairing your commerical catering equipment are fully qualified.

It is against the law for anyone to do work on gas equipment that they are not qualified for.    - Just because registered with Gas Safe does not mean they have the correct skills to repair your catering equipment!!

Advice from the Gas Safe Register Website;
“Engineers have a range of qualifications that allow them to carry out specific types of gas work. It’s important to check what work they are qualified to do before you employ them. You can find this information on the back of your engineer’s Gas Safe Register ID card.  Gas Safe registered engineers are professionals and will be happy to show their ID card to you.”