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Rosinox Range Available Through Harmony

31st Oct 2011

Rosinox Range Available Through Harmony


You can now get the Rosinox line of heavy duty catering equipment through Harmony. 

Rosinox can provide premier Modular, Cantilever or Bespoke exclusives where quality and durability is built into all ranges. Rosinox is the result of continuous commitment to quality and passion in providing class leading standards for all products.

All varieties of catering needs can be met with the highest standards of quality always guaranteed.

The Rosinox “Induct Flam” open burner pan recognition system enables catering locations to make significant savings through efficient energy use. Unlike any other PRS system available in the UK, “Induct Flam” reacts to metal pans only rather than the weight of an object.

The unit which is positioned in the centre of the burner cap, features a sensor that detects the conductivity of any metallic cookware placed on the burner and the magnetic sensor rotates 360°, enabling the system to react to pans being introduced to the burner from any direction. The sensor reacts to metal only and its central positioning allows all pans, irrespective of their size and construction, to be used in complete safety.

The system also features a short delay timer which shuts off and re-ignites the gas supply back to its original levels after two seconds

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