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Safety Checks for Gas Fryers

13th Oct 2008

Safety Checks for Gas Fryers

Harmony is always looking for ways to improve our customer service especially in relation to health and safety regarding our customers catering equipment.

In response to increasing recent demand, we have developed a simple routine maintenance test for electric and gas fired deep fat fryers, which are the ignition source for many restaurant fires.

Most fryers operate with two capillary-type thermostats. One controls the temperature of the oil and turns off the gas when the desired temperature is reached. The other is an over temperature trip which is set below the flash point of the oil and is the last line of defence.

The capillary tubes in thermostats are subject to breaking and when this happens, the fluid leaks out and the thermostat no longer responds to heat. The fryer will keep working. Without the control thermostat the temperature is then under manual control and many restaurant operators will keep on cooking relying on the over temperature trip.

Up to now there has been no easy way of testing the over temperature trip and should it be inoperative, oil temperature will continue to rise with the danger of a very serious fire.

Harmony has developed a device which enables us to test the thermostats in situ without removing them from the fryer. Our clients include hotel groups who have these tests carried out periodically to ensure their continuing safety and compliance, and meet the demands of both the insurance and health and safety.

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