Catering Service & Spares

If you have a preventative maintenance plan you will save money! It protects your investments and delivers a return straight to the bottom line of your business.

Check out our 6 reasons why you need Planned Preventative Maintenance.

Planned maintenance programs offer many advantages;

  • Eliminate avoidable costs from inefficient catering equipment.
  •  Reduce your carbon consumption.
  •  Reduce the running costs in your kitchen by up to 20%.
  • Extend the working life of your equipment by up to 10 years.
  • Reduce any losses in food output and profit by having equipment that is out of action.

Component wear and lack of maintenance are the two biggest causes of increased energy consumption and energy costs within your kitchen. Independent tests have shown that;

  • A split door seal on an oven can lose 20% of the ovens heat.
  • A 15% loss in refrigerant in your refrigeration equipment can increase energy consumption by 100%.
  • A refrigerator with split door seals uses up to 11% more energy.
  • A heating element that hasn’t been de-scaled uses 50% more energy to reach working temperature.

For these reasons our engineers will always conduct a complete health check on your equipment during a service. Our fully trained engineers replace any consumable components such as door seals and burners to ensure that your equipment is working safely and efficiently. They also assess compliance with the general cleaning and maintenance of the equipment to ensure that you are looking after and using it in accordance with the manufacturer’s specification.