Catering Service & Spares

Vented Tumbler Dryers

Vented tumbler dryers take the moist air from the laundry and discharge it externally; therefore they require an external duct out to open air. These machines represent the most effective option. One of our engineers will determine the ideal ducting size.

Condenser Tumbler Dryers

Condenser dryers work by condensing the warm air and lint into moisture which either drains away or collects in a hopper.  They do not require an external duct but they do need fresh air ventilation to operate effectively. Condenser dryers represent an ideal solution in circumstances where no form of external ventilation is available. 

Stackable Dryers

Another option for businesses where space is an issue are stackable machines. To utilise space both the washing machine and the dryer can fit into the one space. One of our team can help you to choose and design these options; starting with washers that can have a stackable dryer moving on to purpose built laundry centers.  

Non Vented Tumbler Dryers

Electrolux offer a non vented tumble dryer which is a good solution where it is not possible for external ducting. Energy consumption is very low with this machine. It is essential that there is a source of fresh air, to ensure effective operation.